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Forums » Chile » Traveling to Chile without knowing spanish..


Traveling to Chile without knowing spanish..

by manny17 »

Hi all,   We are going to Chile in November and are planning on doing the Isla Navarino Dientees circuit trek. We have booked our DAP flight to Puerto Williams and return cruise from Puerto Williams to Punta Arenas. And are also planning to go to Torres del Paine for some days. Our biggest concerns are:   1.We don't know how to speak Spanish. We are thinking of buying a English-spanish-English dictionary but are concerned if enough people know English in those regions.  And if we will be able to communicate effectively enough to get through. 2. Is it wise to drive from punta arenas to Torres del Paine or should be just take buses. We want to minimize the delays and we're thinking of renting a car and getting our international driving license. However since we do not know the language, will that be advisable.   Have you had experience doing the Isla Navarino trek or driving as international in chile?    Thanks a lot for any information you have on this.   Regards, Manny