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Forums » China & Tibet » Amazing time in Yinchuan-West China


Amazing time in Yinchuan-West China

by /bio/shirleyv »

Remote areas in China is always a hussle to traveled to. The language barrier and different thinkings on things to do/see between local people and us as travelers can be such a headaque. Giving that note, we surprisingly had an AMAZING experience with this tour in Yinchuan! Of course It was khard for us to get around Yinchuan ourselves because almost no one spoke English so we decided to go to this guy who could at least communicate with us and it was more than what we expected! 

So they took us to sites such as Shuidonggou, Helan Mountain, Zhenbeibao TV & Movie city, Shapotou desert etc., I highly recommend you guys go to at least two of these sites. They might be far from each other but there is a lot of nature and culture to see in these places. 

Other than that, we did cool local things such as: Hike Helan Mountain and camp there; BBQ and dumpling-making in a traditional Chinese yard; Exploring local night markets where all the local people go. I think they organize other things such as biking the city and villages, and learn how to draw Chinese calligraphy etc. but we didn’t have time to do those.

Seriously go to these guys, They offer a low price too!
Eric whatsapp +86 182 2237 6633