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Forums » China & Tibet » Getting the 5 day visa on arrival to Shenzhen


Getting the 5 day visa on arrival to Shenzhen

by /bio/xmbe ยป

I think this is an underutilized option that a lot of people aren't aware of. Getting the regular Chinese visa is massive hassle. But there's an option available to most people where you can get a visa on arrival to China if you're already in Hong Kong (which most people don't need a visa to visit). This visa is only good for 5 days and limited to Shenzhen, but the upside is you can get it in 30 minutes at the border and it doesn't require a massive application form/process. If you're from Europe, North America, or most of Asia, you're eligible for this visa. There's only 20-30 countries in the world that are ineligible. So, bottom line is, if you're going to HK, I highly recommend doing a day trip to Shenzhen with this visa