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Forums » China & Tibet » Slow walkers in China


Slow walkers in China

by /bio/charlesandmaureen »

I read on about the deals to China because of the devaluation of the yen. We have been thinking about China for years as a travel destination. The two of us are in our late 60s and both of us have limited mobility, with back and joint pain. We can and do walk without canes or walkers, we are not that bad, but after a block or two, we slow down and like to stop for a moment or two before continuing on because of pain.

We love the idea of using China Spree or Focus for the trip, and the price sounds great!
Now our question: based on your knowledge of these three-city tours, will it be like a forced march and do you think slow or pained walkers like us would be better off doing something else?


RE: Slow walkers in China

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

Unfortunately, most of the standard tours of China involve a LOT of walking. So I'm not sure if the companies you mention will be appropriate, unless you'd be willing to do some or all of the trip in a wheelchair (they could likely employ a local at a low cost to help you in that way). Or you might want to look at tours specifically geared towards people with mobility impairments and towards senior citizens. For the latter, take a look at what Road Scholar and Overseas Adventure Travel is offering. For information on specific tours for travelers with disabilities, you should be able to find information through (the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality).

A final suggestion: a Yangtze river cruise. These are MUCH more slowly paced than standard city tours and would likely be doable for you.

Best of luck!