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Forums » China & Tibet » Three days in Hong Kong with all the waking tours


Three days in Hong Kong with all the waking tours

by SriniAZ »

I will be in Hong Kong for three days in July (arriving a Monday at ~8pm and leaving on Thursday at 9pm).  I would like to see the things suggested in the 3 days Fromers itinerary + do the 4 walking tours.  Here is what I am thinking.  I would appreciae any feedback on if it makes sense or how I could improve this plan.  I would also appreciate recommendations for vegetarian-friendly restaurants close to my routes.  I will be staying in the Salisbury YMCA.


Spend some time in the TST promenade/park; join Tai Chi if possible.

Do walking tour 3 (starting at Star Ferry and finishing at Temple Street).

Take a train/cab to the starting point of  waking tour 4 (Flower Market) and follow the tour to end at Ladies Market. 

Visit Temple Street evening market.

MTR/taxi back to TST promenade to see the lightings by 8.


Waking tour 1 (Central) including tram to Vctoria peak when the tour takes me to the tram station.  Do the circular walk at the top.

Cab/bus from end of Tour 1 (Pacific Place, Central) to the start of walking tour 2 (The Landmark, Pedder Rd, Central) and do Tour 2.

Is this too much walking assuming we take lunch, tea and snack breaks?  Is the order correct (Tour 1 w/ peak and then Tour 2)?


Follow Frommers 3rd day directions to go to Lantau to see Big Buddha and Monastery.

Head to the airport.