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Forums » Colombia » Budget itinerary for barranquilla


Budget itinerary for barranquilla

by /bio/tristan88 »


I’m still in the process of researching about Barranquilla. So far, what i know about it is that it’s a city in northern Colombia. It’s also near the Carribean sea (which I’m so looking forward to), and it’s known as Colombia’s “Golden Gate” for reasons I have yet to find out. I’m not really good at anything that is related with “travel-planning” but my best buds and I have recently signed up for an international social dating event happening in few months, which we’re really excited about. We’ll be finding some awesome ladies and tour around the tropical country of Costa Rica! But with all the intensively info I have to go through is giving me a headache, LOL. Can someone let me know an ideal budget and sightseeing itinerary for Barranquilla? Thanks so much!