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by Storm »

Ok, best beach and best restaurant? Am thinking of heading there in the fall (partially to visit a friend who's relocated there). Also, what's the best way to get in from the airport? 


RE: Cartagena

by lisalop »

I hope you still need information ;)

Here you can find any information about the city...restaurants, bars, really good tours, a calendar about what´s on in the city  etc...

There are taxis outside the airport that cost 10.000 Pesos to go to the city center. Ask for the price before (!) you leave and make sure that you don´t pay to much!

Have fun in Cartagena, it´s an amazing city!


RE: Cartagena

by wheels80 »

Have a look here. Almost everything you need to know about Cartagena. It is a really beautiful city to visit and a lot different from the rest of Colombia.