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Forums » Colombia » How many days to spend in Medellin area?


How many days to spend in Medellin area?

by /bio/purevibesglobal »

Even though Medellin is one of the favourite destination after-retirement destinations, but if you are planning a short trip to Medellin then, I think 4 to 5 days are sufficient.

Also known as the city of flowers(due to its eternal spring-like climate), it is known for its famous coffee growing regions, music, parks, museums, nightlife and friendly local.  

Taking a Medellin tour is my personal favourite. The tour guides are all locals and they take you on a knowledgeable tour round El Centro. Indulge and relish the rich culture, and absorb the positivity as it can be a life-altering experience for you. If you want to experience more such life-altering experiences then try using travel guide apps like PVTG- Pure vibes travel guide, provides a complete approach towards travelling and hence helps you attain mental peace.   

Plaza Botero is the best place to see larger-than-life figures. It can be easily reached via Parque Berrio metro station. And if you are an art lover make ensure to visit Museo de Antioquia, where you can find many of Botero’s paintings, and many other famous Latin American artists.

Parque Explora is another interactive science museum in Medellin, and it houses South America’s largest freshwater aquarium and other 300 interactive attractions.  

But above all that I would like to suggest that, you need to have a holistic approach towards travelling, and absorb the positivity of the culture in Medellin and cleanse your mind, body and soul.