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Forums » Costa Rica » Advice where to stay in Guanacaste.


Advice where to stay in Guanacaste.

by /bio/tymbusku »

good morning:

I am planning a "get out of Dodge trip" for mid-May and would appreciate input. 

Flying from CT and considering Costa Rica.  I have been there to Fortuna, Mauel Antonio and San Jose but this trip is to recharge.

i would fly into Liberia and find transportantion to Guanacaste.

I'd like to be on the water and within walking distance of a town so i could wander around, including for dinner or a drink at night.

I was thinking of using Express Deals on Priceline but it is a "crap shoot" becuase the bidding area is "Guanacaste" and thus uncertain that i'll get on beach and near a town.  Maybe if i go 4*, i will.

Not looking for all inclusive.  Any thoughts on (i) Express Deals; or (ii) which specific area i should look in and where to stay. Playa Del Coco, Playa Flamingo, Playa Grande and Tamarindo?

any other input would be great.

P. s.  my other alternative is to go to Domincan Republic where it would have to be an all inclusive.  Any thoughts on a specific place or 2 to stay?



RE: Advice where to stay in Guanacaste.

by /bio/j_perez_langosta »


From the four options that you have proposed I would say Tamarindo is the best suit.  Grande, Coco and Flamingo are not a good choice.   In Tamarindo you can walk anywhere, have great restaurants, nightlife all you need to have some great holidays.  There are hardly any All Inclusives in Tamarindo

If you want to read more on Tamarindo I suggest the following resource:



RE: Advice where to stay in Guanacaste.

by /bio/landed »

Depending on what you're looking for, Playas del Coco or Flamingo could both represent excellent choices. Coco has a laid back beach vibe with a vibrant night life. Nothing too high end here, but a great place to visit, especially if you're into fishing. Nearby, Flamingo and Conchal offer more luxurious accomodations in a sleepier atmosphere. During low season, its not unheard of to be the only person on the beach in Flamingo on a weekday.

Both of these destinations are also well within reach of some other great beaches via a water taxi or charter. Tamarindo is great, but honestly not the best choice for someone looking for an authentic experience. While the surfing is good and the town well-equipped for most tourists, the culture and vibe there isn't for everyone.

All things considered, you should also look into Central Nicoya. Nosara is literally one of our favorite beaches in Central America, and sits a mere 2 hours from the Liberia Airport. 

If you want more information on Guanacaste and Nicoya, we have free guides on both to help you better understand your options: