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Forums » Costa Rica » Bringing my surf board to Costa Rica


Bringing my surf board to Costa Rica

by todd33 »


Surfing has been my latest choice of hobby. When I went to Indonesia and experienced surfing for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the sport. So when I got back to the states the first thing I did was invest in a good 9” surfboard. It did come with a price I must say it’s totally worth it. This April I’m going to Costa Rica and hopefully I can catch some waves in Jaco. By the time I arrive, my brother will be done joining this singles latin tour event and he can join me in Jaco. He said he’ll rent out a board so he can join me. But first, I need to know the basics about bringing a surfboard to another country. Do I need to present papers or something? Also, how much do airlines charge passengers for checked-in sports equipment?