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Forums » Costa Rica » Costa Rica the end of August?


Costa Rica the end of August?

by /bio/gshelley1 »

I've found a good airfare to San Jose the last week of August.  Would we be absolutely crazy to visit then?  Would roads to Arenal, Puntarena, etc  be passable?


RE: Costa Rica the end of August?

by /bio/catalina_cuervo »

Hi gshelley,

August is a wonderful time to visit us. There might be some rains and some areas of our country are going to be better than others. August is still a busy months for us and summer travel. You could visit Arenal and Tamarindo or some other beach locations. The further south you go the more it will be wet. You should check beaches in Guanacaste like Coco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo or Langosta.

This is a photo in Tamarindo when I was there recently, it is a beautiful beach and a fun town!


You can see a lot more photos in my photo gallery here on Frommers