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Getting around Costa Rica

by wsugu95 »

I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica in July with my brother and father.  We were not going to rent a car because I'm worried about driving in Costa Rica.  We will be flying into San Jose.  The next day I was planning on going to Poas and the La Paz Waterfalls, spending the night at the Tiquiicia Lodge and then heading to the Arenal area after that.  Does anyone have transportation suggestions from Poas area to Arenal.  We will then stay in the Arenal area and explore that area, Monteverde and La Fortuna for three days.  What is the best way to get around this area. Any suggestions on places to stay? From there we will go to the Punta Leona area and will stay in a house.  I am looking for transportation ideas to get from the Arenal area to Punta Leona.  Should I rent a car in any of these areas? I'm worried hiring private drivers for every part of the trip will get very expensive. Any ideas/suggestions would be great. Thanks


RE: Getting around Costa Rica

by Catalina_Cuervo »

Hi Wsugu95!,

You are going to love visiting our country! We use a variety of transfers for our clients. In your case you would need a combination of private and shared transfers. Private transfers into the Arenal area are about $150. It will be difficult to see both Monteverde and Arenal in that time you have. Monteverde is 3 hours away from Arenal each way so please be careful timing your trip. The transfer from Arenal to Punta Leona could be done by a shared transfer which are more around $50 per person and the private option for that portion of the trip is a little more. Any transfer service is expensive due to the price of our cars, fuel, and car parts, this is 3-5 times more expensive than the U.S.A. or another country. Renting a car ususally is about the same as private transfers in cost depending on how many passengers there are. Good luck, you will love it here!


Pauline Frommer

RE: Getting around Costa Rica

by Pauline Frommer »

Yes, rent a car. You'll want to have GPS as the roads are very badly marked. But with that you should be ok. And make sure to check your car for dings and dents, taking photos of any problems before you leave the rental place (so you don't get charged before you leave). The only other problem with driving in Costa Rica are the potholes. How bad those are will depend on how close to the rainy season you'll be arriving. But they shouldn't stop you from driving on your own there.

As for your itinerary: if you pick up Frommers Costa Rica (or just read the Costa Rica section of this website) you'll find a number of suggested itineraries. When we did it recently, we drove right from Paos to Arenal (there's a good highway in between). A lot depends on what interests you. I believe there are some good white water rafting experiences in between those two destinations, so if that interests you, definitely stop.

Have a wonderful time!


RE: Getting around Costa Rica

by chet596 »

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Chet (London, UK)