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Forums » Costa Rica » Hole in the wall restaurants in Costa Rica


Hole in the wall restaurants in Costa Rica

by /bio/bryllex8 »

I’m going to Costa Rica soon for about a week and my goal in there is to discover hole in the wall food places. I want something traditional, something that is really meaningful to all Costa Ricans. Living in America, I know people really love to give their own modern twist of anything, so it’s been some sort of a personal quest to actually taste a legit dish with no alterations.

A friend of mine who was there on a latin foreign tour gave me some suggestions, but he mostly went to fancy restaurants and the like, not those interesting hole in the wall food places that I’m really looking for.


I welcome any suggestions that you guys would throw in. I don’t have that much allergies when it comes to food except for peanuts. Even if I bring my medications with me all the time, I still try not to push my luck. I’m also looking forward to any exotic food on the table. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!