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Forums » Costa Rica » Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes


Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes

by kgates »

I am interested in this company to plan a family vacation to CR in early June, but wary - as I'm not finding much about them online other than their own stuff.
Does anyone have personal experience - complaints or praises?  Or can you suggest another agent who would fall in this full service category?  Thanks. 


RE: Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes

by Miss_Molly »

I wouldn't use a service that you can't find listed on Trip Advisor or a similar site. I'm going to Costa Rica at the end of this month and I've booked some tours and hotels with Anywhere:

Their staff has proved quite helpful, and they offer free trip planning. 


RE: Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes

by jlc0403 »

This website has been extremely helpful while I've been researching/booking our trip to Costa Rica next month...

The site will also help you with ideas for your vacation and will send a no-obligation itinerary with specific hotels, activities & price quotes...


RE: Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes

by chet596 »

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Costa Rica Driver and Adventure ( , and Leo Rodriguez and his team for a fist class service and experience throughout our journey. We were a family of 12 (three generations!) and Leo and his team tended to our every need, sensitivity and request with such attention and devotion.  Truly this made our trip stress free and such a pleasant and easy trip throughout.  We found their details by surfing the internet for driving companies and naturlly were aprehensive in booking them with no previous contact or personal recommendation.  

My concerns and anxiety were displaced from the moment our journey started.  We as a family are truly touched by their service and would not hesitate to recommend their services to any travelling party or family looking to explore Costa Rica.  Feel free to get in touch with me personally if you would like a personal recommendation.
Chet (London, UK)

Leo, best of luck with your business and I wish it grows from strength to strength as you truly have built it on hard work, ethics and a passion to ensure your customers experience a wonderful journey with you.


RE: Question: Travel Agent Costa Rica Escapes

by brianjohnson »

Hi kgates, 

At LocalAventura, we have some great tours in Costa Rica and all our tours are guided by locals from the area to provide the most authentic tours. In Costa Rica, our most popular tour is a nocturnal hike in which we bring you through the rainforest at night. I provided a link below to the tour and if you are interested, we offer 30 minute of free travel advice, check us out!