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Forums » Costa Rica » Where are the good beaches in Costa Rica?


Where are the good beaches in Costa Rica?

by /bio/justinvin »


My girlfriend and I are planning on going to Costa Rica for our anniversary. We are both big water babies and from the stories of our cousins who attended a romance tour in the country, Costa Rica has really good beaches. Unfortunately, they really can’t remember the names of the beaches they went to. 


I need suggestions from those who’ve been there. What are the good beaches that offer aqua sports? Are there any VIP resorts around? How far will it be from the city? I need help sooner so I can start making arrangements. We don’t have final plans yet but we do want to have at least a solid idea where to go.


If you guys could give me good suggestions, it will really be appreciated. Thank you.



RE: Where are the good beaches in Costa Rica?

by /bio/quierovertodo »

That's a very broad question. There are so many beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio, Samara and Playa Conchal for example are great beaches if you want to go swimming. If you are looking for diving tours, jet ski rentals etc. the marina Pez Vela in Quepos is an option. In Herradura they offer moonlight SUP tours. The most popular aqua sport in Costa Rica is surfing by far, to find the right surf spot for your level I would visit