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Forums » Croatia » Tour from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes?


Tour from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes?

by /bio/wordfreak »

Should I book a guided tour and if so, which one.  I'm debating between taking a bus myself for 20 euros rt and  seeing whatever I can see with my guidebook vs. a $90 tour that would pick me up at my hotel, take me to a small village, and guide me through the lakes.  My hesitation is I'm not sure I want to spend that much time looking at lakes, but I get the advantage and convenience of paying for the tour.


RE: Tour from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes?

by /bio/whatsallthis »

I haven't been - but have been researching this myself, and according to at least one blogger there was enough to see in the park that she spent the night there. So I guess it depends on how much you enjoy natural beauty. I tend to lean toward that and away from city life, but we all have our own likes and preferences.