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by /bio/disneylover »

I have never thought of doing cruising as an option. I do not think its a very eithical thing to do. And you do not buy locally or shop locally or eat locally. I also believe they swamp cities with too much people. 

What are the benefits for cities with cruising



RE: Cruising

by /bio/mapper »

You may be right. It's no a very green way to travel that's for sure. And some countries/cities are now trying to get the cruiseships out.


RE: Cruising

by /bio/ethrush »

That's an interesting point, but it's not a simple issue. Some places have benefitted economically from being a cruise port-like many of the Mexican ports. People do shop there when they get off the ship. If you've ever been in Cozumel, you know that the streets by the port are lined with shops offering things to the cruisers.  And people eat (and drink) in the port. Other cities, like Venice, have been overwhelmed by the cruise ships and are looking at limiting the number and size of the ships. I don't know how they compare economically to flying, driving and staying in hotels on vacation. It's  easier to run the numbers on how many pounds of waste there are from a cruise ship, but harder to figure how much vacationers waste in other settings. Cruise ships have also offered a lot of employment opportunities to people from countries where there many not be a lot of jobs.  It's a dilemma overall as to how we can vacation without putting strain on monuments, beaches, the environment, etc. I don't know that cruises should be stigmatized above other forms of travel. 


RE: Cruising

by /bio/shawn13 »


It was to be my Wife and I's 20 year Wedding Anniversary.  We were so looking forward to the cruise, along with a stay in Barcelona and Lisbon on either end of the trip.  About 1 month before our trip my Wife was diagnosed with a life threatening, rare disease called Aplastic Anemia (essentially bone marrow failure disease-your bone marrow produces your stem cells which in turn produce your red cells, white cells and platelets) and was ordered by her Doctor to not travel and to make arrangements for a bone marrow transplant, or consider other radical medical treatments.

When I informed Windstar Cruises, and also produced a signed note from her Doctor, I was told that nope, too late, we will refund your taxes but I am out the $7,000 plus I had already paid.

We were completely blind sided by this disease and Windstar's callous behavior towards our plight.  It's bad enough that my Wife may lose her life, and at the least needs to undergo a chemo-like transplant.  That's not enough to be burdened with. Windstar has to add to our misery by putting their profits before the humane treatment of its customers.  Sad, and despicable.

To top it off, I am not even asking for a full refund.  Just a full credit so that we can hopefully enjoy and celebrate our milestone wedding anniversary at a later date, assuming and once my Wife is well.

Seriously reconsider Windstar Cruise line.