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Forums » Cuba » Planning a Cuba tour from the US.


Planning a Cuba tour from the US.

by mary46topeka »

Planning to select a tour from the US. Has anyone used Responsible Travel ? It has prices much lower than Roads Scholar or Insight. 

Would appreicate any input about any tour companies from the states to Cuba. 


RE: Planning a Cuba tour from the US.

by mquartz »

Tour companies charge huge sums PER DAY for the "privilege" of taking you there. But as of March this year (2016) you can go on your own if you have certain activites planned - see the official press release at

Not everybody speaks Spanish and has the gumption to go on their own, of course. In light of this new development I hope that the tour companies will lower their prices, by a lot, and very soon. Those prices in the high three and even in the fourthousands for a six-day tour (really only four days on the ground) are outrageous when you think how much (or how little) things really cost over there.



RE: Planning a Cuba tour from the US.

by brunofiore »

Dear mary

I've visited  Cuba 2 weeks ago with my family with an agency called Eventpremiere. They were very helpful and they have organized our trip in every single detail. We stayed in a casa particulare in La Havana for a week and we had a lot of activities to do ( We've visited old Havana with a guide, did a photographic tour and had a cocktail class). I reccomend you to pass through Mary, she has been very kind and helpful to us. I already miss those places : Here her contact: