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Shore Excursions in Cuba

by /bio/jantravlz »

Maybe someone can give me more information re shore excursions in Cuba.  We are traveling there in March, 2018, with Azamara Cruises.  I was informed by the cruise company that we cannot go ashore unless we're with an excursion group.  This is a problem.  My husband is handicapped and needs a walker to walk.  He can't walk long distances at all.  Most of the excursions are very long (6-8 hours), which is extremely difficult for him and tiring.  And they are expensive.  We had planned on going ashore briefly in each port and independently.  Now it seems he will be confined to the ship.  I have booked one 4 hour tour (the shortest and the only short tour I could find) in Havana.  So he will see one of the 3 ports.  Azamara should have told the passengers about this.  I found out only because I called them to ask for info re accessible excursions.  Is this the U.S. law?  Any ideas out there??