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Forums » Cuba » Which tour company to pick?


Which tour company to pick?

by drlouise »

What are tour groups do you all recommend for Cuba ? Specifically thoughts about Tauck, Insight Cub, National Geographic and Abercrombie and Kent would be appreciated.

Thank you.


RE: Which tour company to pick?

by mquartz »

Maybe none of them - tours are very expensive when you realize that, as of March 15, 2016, individuals can go to Cuba, on their own, as long as they fulfill very minimal qualification rules. Airbnb and and other such organizations offer very affordable lodgings in private homes, where you really get the advice and support of the locals to make the most of your experience.

Arthur Frommer has written about this elsewhere. Look around and do a little research, you may save hundreds or thousands and get much closer to the real Cuba and Cubans than a tour can get you.

carlotta Storani

RE: Which tour company to pick?

by carlotta Storani »

I've spent with my family 2 weeks in Cuba and the tour in Old Havana was one of the most incredible things we've ever visited. Cuban architecture is just stunning and our guide gave us so many details that made all even more interesting. We've even had a fascinating conversation about the history of the country with a Cuban professor. We've organised everything with the agency EventPremiere, Mary helped us, ( I recommend this to all the real travellers who like to discover what's behind a monument/ a building.


RE: Which tour company to pick?

by brunofiore »

Dear dr.Louise

I don't know if you already know this option,me and my family passed through Event premiere. They have organized the best trip ever! We spent 2 weeks in Cuba, 1 week in La Havana ( With so many activities, cocktail classes, salsa classes, guide in the old city) and the other days in Varadero and Vinales. We spent all the vacation in some casa particulare (which were very cheap). In Varadero we saw the most beautiful beach ever seen. In Vinales is  a beautiful little town close to LA havana encircled by mountains, we had fun in discovering how the real cuban cigars are made. An amazing experience I reccomend to everybody