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1 Year Around the World

by /bio/orbittheorb »



This is my first post on this forum. My name is T.J. and I'm from Columbus, Ohio.  I just left my job a few days ago.  In less than two weeks I'll be departing on a 1 year trip around the world, with few reservations. My wife is going to join me.  


What we are doing is seen as absoultely crazy by many of our American friends. My end goal is to experience unique cultures, on a budget, and inpsire other Americans to take more adventurous trips in the future.


My itinerary can be found here, on my home page: http://OrbitTheOrb.Org


What do you think of my itinerary? Nice to meet you all!


RE: 1 Year Around the World

by /bio/marty »

My advise would be to use an App llike Bumble to immerse with the culture and steadily meet localös during your journey. I did it when i was in Europe and it really was a great experience. Im kind of a shy person so this also helped a lot in reaching out to new people. Also check this Bumble App Review to see the benefits :)