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Forums » Delaware » Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!


Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/pheymont »

Delaware can be part of a great road trip loop, too.

Start from Philadelpha, and in Delaware follow the signs for US 13 toward Dover. US 13 will take you all the way down the Delmarva (DELaware, MARyland, VA for Virginia) Peninsula, past farmlands, huge chicken-raising industry (Perdue and others) and down to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel.

If you start from DC or Baltimore instead of Philly, you can take the Bay Bridge from Annapolis to Delmarva (Annapolis is another great visit).

From the Norfolk area, you can head east, visit Williamsburg, and then Monticello, and then head up the Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive along the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains toward Front Royal. The whole route is parkland, with Park Service ranger-guided spots along the way. Off the drive are a number of interesting caves as well.

At the north end, you can bend east to DC, explore Virginia's horse country, or head off to Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg, Lancaster and eventually back to Philadelphia.




RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/garryrf »

As the First State, Delaware makes an excellent choice for tourists who want to see the real America.

Perfect central location for travelling around the Delmarva and Pittsburgh area.

Fly into Philadelphia from the UK and its only an hours drive to Delaware.

If you make it into Delaware City you can have some wonderful meals and good company at "Crabby Dicks" Bar.

Friendly folks and Music on the Deck.

Love that Nacional Beer.

You must visit the Delaware State Park if you like nature and country walks.

Take plenty of batteries for the Camera. Beautiful scenery.

And a visit to Chesapeake Bay is a must.

The Du Pont Estate. Winterthur. RT52.

Delaware really is a hidden gem on the American Map.

I've been 7 times, and I still need time to see more !


RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by rehobothbeachfever »

Be sure to check out Rehoboth Beach and any of the other amazing Delaware Beaches! There are a lot of special places that people don't know about in Delaware and Rehoboth is one of those. What caught my eye was the "hidden gem of real America" in your subject line. My family considers Rehoboth a hidden gem because it's still not known by many! We still get people asking us where this special vacation spot is and why we go summer after summer! wink



RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/joan »

I just read that Delaware will soon have its first National Park, devoted to its first state status. I'm very excited to see it!


RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/nctmattcutt »

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RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/jeraldmccallister »

Did you hear of Port Delaware? I saw an article at and learned a lot of interesting stuff. Today, similar to such a large number of posts, it is both a recreation center and an exhibition hall, filling in as a lovely and grandly found leftover of a more rough time.


RE: Delaware - A Hidden Gem of Real America!

by /bio/bettywhy »

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