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Forums » Dubai & the UAE » what are the best Dubai tourist attractions?


what are the best Dubai tourist attractions?

by /bio/abudhabitour »

Many of you might be visited Dubai UAE with families for exploring the top tourist attractions.

But you might mess some places in Dubai city which deserve to be seen . Let us explore you Dubai tourist attraction and Best Dubai tour packages . 

We are one of the best tourism company in Dubai providing tours services since 2007 . 

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RE: what are the best Dubai tourist attractions?

by /bio/bassemaly »

There is a lot of the tourist attractions to visit in Dubai, Below I come with my shortlist of the best places to go in Dubai:


  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai fountain
  • Dubai mall
  • Palm Jumierah 
  • Dubai museum
  • Gold souk
  • Bistakiya quarter
  • Burj Arab hotel
  • Dubai marina
  • IMG Dubai
  • Desert safari Dubai 
  • Bollywood park
  • Dubai creek
  • Dubai frame
  • Kite beach
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Ski Dubai
  • Aquaventure Dubai
  • Aquarieum Dubai
  • Dolphinrieum 

and much more. I recommend you also to check the best cheap and free things to do in Dubai to explore how to spend the best times in Dubai for less. 

Also check out Dubai day tours for the best Dubai daily private and bus tours


RE: what are the best Dubai tourist attractions?

by /bio/lovet65 »

Without a doubt, Dubai is an enchanting place and amongst the places where you can have a glimpse into luxurious lives that some people live. Some of the popular attractions to see in Dubai are:

 Burj Khalifa

Dubai mall

Palm Jumierah

Dubai museum

Gold souk

Bistakiya quarter

Dubai fountain

Dubai marina

Dubai creek

Ski Dubai

Aquarieum Dubai


You should not miss Desert safari at all because it is definitely a great thing to do over there.


Burj Khalifa is also one of the must visit places, after all it is the tallest building so you can literally have scenic city views from this awesome building. There is so much to see and experience in this building from The Burj Club to the Armani Hotel!


If you want to know more details about Burj Khalifa to smartly plan your trip then just take a look at Here you will find information from best visiting hours, to best tickets (including comparisons of various ticket options) and much more!


RE: what are the best Dubai tourist attractions?

by /bio/bassemaly »

Also it is not only about Dubai, However you need to try the beyond Dubai and I do recommend you Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai which goes to the best attractions of Abu Dhabi city including: Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, Heritage Village, Emirates Palace and Yas Island.