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Forums » Dubai & the UAE » What's the best way to get around Dubai?


What's the best way to get around Dubai?

by StanKirchner »

Well, car rental is one of the best options here.

However, driving in Dubai could be challenging. There' a lot of complaints like: nobody practices lane discipline, there are many large, slow moving construction vehicles etc.

Of course, most of them are not true. Nevertheless, please make sure you have enough driving experience before renting a car. 

You can check the vehicle availability and compare car rental prices at the specialized sites like


RE: What's the best way to get around Dubai?

by StrawberryF »

UAE seem to have no demerits, except taxi. I'm primarly talking about high prices. It’s very widespread problem in this world! I was faced with it many times!=) But we learn from our mistakes! Everything is for the better! Because making mistakes we always find what we want and need! The most important is not being afraid to gain the experience!) Once I found this service TLT Limousine - online booking at low fares (+971 4 299 9080) and since that moment I use services of this company constantly! I often use private transfer, and my friend likes booking transfer online!) It’s very comfortably!) Here work beautiful and friendly people! I always have nice mood when I turn to this company! =)


RE: What's the best way to get around Dubai?

by mylove »

want to make a round trip between dubai and abu dhabi including spending the day being driven around abu dhabi can anyone reccomd a service and how much would it cost 

thank you


RE: What's the best way to get around Dubai?

by FatimaHussain »

There are many options to visit Dubai. According to your budget, you can avail the  car / taxi rental service or another option is to go by bus. But the better option is to take service from a  travel agency like "tour-dubai". At the time of the tour, you will be free to enjoy the place & all the plan was already set by the service provider.


RE: What's the best way to get around Dubai?

by BassemAly »

Hi KSilver,

Dubai is such a big city that you will need time to cover its main attractions, However let me help by sugessting some suggestion that you may avail to get around the big hub.

You firstly may try the big bus tours, it takes you to the may attractions of the city in a quick tour around. the tours for sure are shared ones. the bus itself goes from certain points at certain times, you may need to check their website to identify them.

Another sugesstion here, is the Dubai bus tours which are operated by local tour operators. it is the same purpose of the big bus tours but this time is operated by locals. the tour extends to like 4-5 hours and takes you also to the main attractions of city just like palm jumierah, burj arab hotel, old gold and spices souks, jumierah mosque and the city museum.

I believe it may be the best way to discover the city specially during day time, the bus tours also are very budget to take specially because the locations where the bus goes are not near to each other, So if you did on your own you will spend so much time and money on taxis and so on.

However, there are some attractions I recommend you to do on your own, just like Dubai mall complex which includes Dubai mall, burj khalifa and dubai fountain. All you need to use metro to get to the station which called after the mall; Dubai mall and from there you could go into the mall and exit to the group floor to watch out the fountain shows and checking burj khalifa. even if you needed to go up at burj khalifa you could use their online website to book tickets online. So I see that hiring a tour company for such a visit is really a waste of money.

Also you could head to the miracle garden using metro and bus, global village using bus, mall of emirates usuing metro and so on.

One important notice here is that you need to buy and charge your metro card once in Dubai so you could be able to use it.

Good luck!