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Forums » Ecuador » Ecuador/Galapagos itinerary help!


Ecuador/Galapagos itinerary help!

by allisoncra »

We're interested in doing Ecuador(1 week) and the Galapagos(1 week) in August and would really appreciate some itinerary help!  We're interested in Otavalo (for the market), Cotopaxi (for hiking), Puyo (for waterfalls), banos (for springs - possibly renting bike from Banos to Puyo), Mindo for cloud forests/ziplining.  We're also interesting in whitewater rafting.  We like markets, the outdoors and the beach.  Montanitas looks really awesome too.  Maybe equator line (real & fake).  Are those places possible to do within a week if we want to spend a full week on the Galapagos (we love snorkeling/diving)?  We'd like to hire a taxi when we need to and stay away from buses.  Any suggestions on *anything* would be greatly appreciated? Thanks so much!


RE: Ecuador/Galapagos itinerary help!

by wheels80 »

It would be hard to fit all that into one week. Galapagos you could do in a week, but as for the rest of Ecuador, you may have to choose which things are the most important for you to see. Have you considered Ingapirca (Inca ruins) near Cuenca? Here are some ideas of things you could see in Ecuador.

Quito: Old Town, Middle of the World monument, Chapel of man.

Guayaquil: Coastal culture, Churute Mangrove Reserve.

Cuenca: Inca ruins, National Park for hiking.

I would definitely see Quito and Cuenca, but maybe go to Banos instead of Guayaquil if you want to do some extreme sports/adventure activites.




RE: Ecuador/Galapagos itinerary help!

by rosscristina1 »

We did visit Galapagos few months back, we were group of 10 peoples, and it was the most wonderful trip for all of us. I would like to give you some guidelines so that you can enjoy your trip. First of all book your tickit in advance in order to save from last minute rush, Must plan that where are you gonna stay and what places areon your list to visit. As there are many tourist places in Galapagos you have to give prioroties to the places to visit. And lastly if youare in group have proper discussion about all the plans you have made otherwise it may create last minute chaos. Enjoy your trip !!


RE: Ecuador/Galapagos itinerary help!

by kasi222 »

No doubt that Ecuador is one of te best place for visit many tourist want to go there but its very expensive tour thats why less vistor go there my friends make plan for the tour in Ecuador in september...