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Forums » Ecuador » Heading to Ecuador to Volunteer


Heading to Ecuador to Volunteer

by rodthetraveler »

Hello fellow travelers!!  


I am looking into traveling to Ecuador and I wanted to fill a part of my trip with a volunteer aboad opportunity.

I found this one here near Puyo Ecuador. Has anyone ever heard of this organization or any cool things to do near Puyo?  I'd love to keep this organization as my base and then travel around the country.  

Let me know if you guys know anything or if you have any other suggestions.  Ill be there between October 11th-20th.  If you are in the area, let me know!




RE: Heading to Ecuador to Volunteer

by upscaletophat »

Hey Rodrigo. One of my friends used Give a Day Global to volunteer in South America for one day. It's hard to find many volunteering opportunities that are short and fit well into one's travel schedule. This group sets you up with a local NGO for one day, so that you can experience what sustainable projects are being done in your area and also helps advertise the local organisation on a more global scale. Check them out:


RE: Heading to Ecuador to Volunteer

by Miss_Molly »

What volunteer work are you interested in doing? Here are a couple other opportunities you might want to check out in Guayaquil and Quito. is a good resource for this type of thing.