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Forums » Egypt » have anyone recently travel to Egypt. HELP please!!!!!!


have anyone recently travel to Egypt. HELP please!!!!!!

by Linda03tennis »

I am trying to decide on whether it will be safe to travel to egypt. My husband and I along with my brother and his fiance would like to travel to egypt 2017. However, I cant ignore the media surrounding egypt. For example, people are saying that its not safe, terriorist attacks and etc. We would love to travel here but safety is the most important concern to us.

have anyone recently travel to Egpyt and if so, can you please share your experiences.


thank you 




RE: have anyone recently travel to Egypt. HELP please!!!!!!

by amitshir »

Hi, I had visited Egypt on the month of December-2015. before booking my trip package I had contacted some travel agency & all are suggested me to start my trip between the month of September to April because on that time period the weather is slightly normal than other months. As Egypt is one of the desert area normally the weather is hot except the month from September to April.So according to me, travel between this months is better for all. After that, I booked my trip through Mantis tourism & enjoyed a lot. One more thing Egypt is really a nice destination to travel.

RE: have anyone recently travel to Egypt. HELP please!!!!!!

by ZennyMorag »

I had gone before two months to Egypt with my parents. We stayed and traveled there 20 days. It is fully safe to travel anywhere. You will travel and stay there safely, don't worry about this. There are so many travel companies are available to guide travelers. You can take help of any travel company to travel there. We traveled by a travel company namely Ask Aladdin. This company provided us good service. Have you a safe and nice tour.