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Forums » Ethiopia » Ethiopian Food


Ethiopian Food

by /bio/cassianmackean »

I wanted to share my experiences with Ethiopian food from the four months I spent there earlier this year. With a reputation of being rather lacking in variation (the staple food stuff being injera - a flat, spongy and sour tasting bread resembling a pancake - and eaten with pretty much every meal by the loacls) I thought it only fair to highlight that the cuisine is anything but boring and for me and my wife was one of the highlights of the trip. Were writing a blog about local food that we are trying while we travel the world which includes, the stories behind the people who hav cooked said food, a bit about their culture, ingredients lists and instructions for home cooking. There is a whole section that can be found here...

We kept on being surprised by the food in Ethiopia, and I feel it surly has to be one of the next cuisines to go through a popularity surge across the world. I know its already started in London with a few restaurants gaining tracion across the city.

We'll be documenting our taste travells throughout our trip so please keep an eye on the blog if your interested in local food from countries across the globe. If you have any questions about any of the dishes, recipes, people or cultures then do ask and I'll try to provide answers.


RE: Ethiopian Food

by /bio/irad »

Amazing!!! Thanks for this! :)

I recently stumbled into a blog about Ethiopia's coffee, too. I'm so intrigued! They even have a coffee ceremony (link:! Will probably try it out some time next year myself. Thanks again.