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Forums » Family Travel » footing the bill for adult children on family trip


footing the bill for adult children on family trip

by styme123 »

I have been thinking about taking a trip with my adult children (18, 25, 28) and their husbands and GFs this July or next July 2017. We have talked about always wanting to go to Ireland and also Alaska. We have never taken any lavish trips together or out of the US (we're in NY), more of just camping, and a few day trips etc. kind of boring, nothing really exciting.  When my kids were younger we never had the money for big trips. There always seemed to be some bills in the way. I started pricing some basic trips/cruises out and they are roughly $13,000-$15,000 depending on add-ons etc. I was going to pay for the trip for everyone as they are mostly in college now or new jobs and don't have the money to lay out themselves. Should I do it? Will we be killing each other on the trip, lol? If you took other people did they complain about your trip choices? I've never traveled before so I find a lot of the planning and not knowing what companies to trust a bit stressful. Just looking up Alaska cruises, I've heard such inconsistent reviews of ship lines. I would hate to spend all that money and have it be a mess. Should I just go by myself and my husband and leave them all home?  


RE: footing the bill for adult children on family trip

by billiv »

We took our son and daughter-in-law on a trip to Europe with us.  We paid transportation and lodging and meals we ate together.  We made it clear that if they didn't like something we planned to do, they could go off on their own and pay themselves. Given that we are about 30 years older than they are, we all expected that there would be things we wanted to do that they wouldn't want to do and vice-versa.

It worked great for us--we are all pretty laid back people.  But only you know your family and their personalities. We don't do guided tours and cruises, so our situation is a bit different than yours.

But as you are apparantly considering tours and cruises, they can look at whatever company and itinerary you pick and decide whether they want to join you.  They then have no basis to complain.

Basically, we came up with our itinerary and presented it to our son and daughter-in-law and let them decided if they wanted to join us. It worked fine for us.

That isn't to say that no one griped about anything during the trip--nothing is ever perfect on a vacation trip; there are just too many variables for it all to be "perfect."  But we were all fine with the basic itinerary and fine with us splitting up when we had differing interests.