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Forums » Family Travel » Small ship cruise through Islands of New England.


Small ship cruise through Islands of New England.

by johnierob »

Hello friends! Have you ever went for cruising to Islands of New England? I am not talking about cruising on that large ships, but in small ships that carry much smaller number of passengers through canals and rivers. I am planning to go for one such small ship cruising to new England islands for September. It is a 7day 6 night long trip and their itinerary looks awesome. Have anybody gone for this cruise? Is it good and can you share your experience? 


RE: Small ship cruise through Islands of New England.

by billiv »

We looked into it last year.  Reviews are definitely mixed--both from customers and employees.  Chief complaints seem to be tiny cabins and so-so food and wine. 

We passed  on it and did a road trip instead with day cruises from various towns along the coast as the mood hit us. We're glad we did it that way because we could go where we wanted, when we wanted instead of where the cruise line wanted to take us and for how long their schedule allowed at the various stops.  Based on the one previous cruise we took several years ago, I probably would have been bored half to death sitting on a  boat anyway.