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Affordable Hotels in Orlando

by jinglekid »

I went to Orlando a few weeks ago and had the problem of finding an affordable place to stay. As I didn't want to pay the disney hotel premium I started looking elsewhere and found this website for cheap orlando hotels. This website provides a good mixture of budget and up-scale hotels, so I can only recommend it if you are planning to go Orlando and have no idea where to stay.


RE: Affordable Hotels in Orlando

by Johanna »

Seems like a random way to find a place. You may just want to read the reviews on this site. They have hotels in all price levels, reviewed by experts. Just sayin'


RE: Affordable Hotels in Orlando

by GarryRF »

Best way for me has been with the Free Orlando Guides.

I get some one who's going to Orlando to bring back the "On the Go" and "TheTraveler".

Full of discount coupons.

Check a few Hotels for suitability on Frommers.

Phone for availability. Quote the Coupon price.

Book it.

Even if the Coupon is outdated when I arrive - just call into a Mall or McDonalds and pick up a new one.



Jason Cochran

RE: Affordable Hotels in Orlando

by Jason Cochran »

You can also access the same coupons that you'd find in those circulars at