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Quaint beach towns

by jdrake »

Hi all,

We're planning a trip to Florida in late October and we're looking for a location that meets these criteria:

beautiful beach
cute town with shops/restaurants/historic district 
not too far from an airport (under two hours)
preferably not too crowded (we're not expecting solitude, we just don't want to feel like we're in Miami)
close enough to some good snorkeling that we can take a day trip to snorkel

What towns should we be looking at? We've done a little research into New Smyrna, Siesta Key, etc. are we on the right track? Are there other towns we should be looking at?

Thanks for your help!

Pauline Frommer

RE: Quaint beach towns

by Pauline Frommer »

You'll see a few answers to this question in the "General" section above.


RE: Quaint beach towns

by rodericklopez »

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