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Forums » Florida » Train Fort Lauderdale to Miam International


Train Fort Lauderdale to Miam International

by Pbsxx »

I am flying from PHX on South West Air to Fort Lauderdale

Staying overnight near the Airport

The next day We are flying out of the Miami International Air port to the Carabbean

I have heard there is a train service from Fort Lauderdale that goes right in to the Miami Airport

So I looking for infomation on the train service and The name of the Fort Lauderdale train staion

I have tried looking on line but could not find any thing that would help me

Also is there is a Hotel that would be convenient to both the Fort Lauderdale Airport and to the train station

Thank you I am sure there are some Floridians that will be able to help me

Cheers Pbsxx

Jason Cochran

RE: Train Fort Lauderdale to Miam International

by Jason Cochran »

Pbsxx, you're looking for something called the Tri-Rail. It's not speedy, but it works, given enough time—and it's cheap.

As for finding a hotel that's near enough to the airport for you, I suggest simply using a hotel booking site with a map feature and zooming it in close to the airport. is a good choice, and it even lets you specifically search around airports.