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Forums » Florida » Wizarding World Now or Wait?


Wizarding World Now or Wait?

by 12stevie12 »

My 10 year old son is obsessed with Harry Potter and very much wants to go to the park in Orlando. But I've heard that its about to be expanded and I very much doubt we could afford to go twice. Does anyone know when the new part is supposed to open? And should we wait. Frankly, I don't know if he'd be as excited about Harry Potter in a year. Kids change. Would love some advice. Thanks!

Jason Cochran

RE: Wizarding World Now or Wait?

by Jason Cochran »

12stevie12, the completion of the second Wizarding World is so close that you can almost taste the Butterbeer. But Universal, which likes to be dramatic about these things, has not offically announced the opening date. Based on the progression of the construction, nearly all bets are on this coming summer of 2014. I would think that if you went in July, you have a sporting chance of seeing both—but as of this moment, there's no guarantee since no annoucement has been made. The first Wizarding World park opened in June, and it's likely to follow a similar patter this year to capture peak summer crowds.

However Universal is throwing a special Harry Potter weekend (, and it's very possible that the official announcement will be made then.

Keep in mind that the new park will be extremely crowded for the first months.