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Forums » France » Visiting Eiffel Tower in January


Visiting Eiffel Tower in January

by /bio/macthespian »

I know that everyone recommends purchasing tickets to the Eiffel Tower online, in advance of your visit, to avoid the lines. We're planning to be in Paris during the middle of January; should we still purchase the tickets in advance, or could we wait until we get there (and make our decision whether to go based on actual weather conditions on the day)? Would there still be substantial lines to get a ticket?



RE: Visiting Eiffel Tower in January

by /bio/daniels369 »

The panoramas of the city from the top level are completely mind blowing, and the view you can see for miles and miles from this level is almost impossible to explain. If you want a truly decadent day, why not treat yourself to a glass of champagne at the bar on the top level, the perfect way to toast to your Eiffel Tower experience.