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Forums » Feedback » Hotelopia HELP!!


Hotelopia HELP!!

by /bio/deborahd »

 Can anybody help me ???

I made  reservations with Hotelopia June 12 for a hotel in Dublin and unfortunately I had to cancel on June 17th, the reservation was for September.  I have been going back-and-forth by email at least eight emails and they stated that I should Automatically receive a credit which I have not.  I have also called all the numbers I can find and finally I talked to a guy last week who was supposed to call me back and send me a confirmation email which he did not.  I called the number again, guess what neither number works.   I found another phone number online today and I called them only to be put on hold after I've explain my whole situation and I'm transferred to a machine in a language I can not understand.  Has anyone ever dealt with this company?