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Forums » Feedback » Is Gate 1 gaming the "No Advertising" policy?


Is Gate 1 gaming the "No Advertising" policy?

by paweber »

Those of us who have been around for a while have seen the pattern of "drive by posters" waxing poetic about their Gate 1 tours. The unsolicited posts follow a predictable pattern and are amazing in their similarity regardless of the destination. These testimonials are often transparent to knowledgable readers as thinly disguised advertisements for Gate 1. The poster typically is a newbie, often showing up to make their one and only post then disappearing. A few have stuck around and in some cases have shared further details about their trip. Some have even shared how Gate 1 encourages customers to spread the gospel of Gate 1 and provides them with lists of websites to post their reviews. Other posters allege that Gate 1 provides travel credits in exchange for taking the time to write and post reviews.

I for one feel that this firm is using their customers - who I'm sure are quite pleased with their trips otherwise they wouldn't go along with Gate 1's request to write a review - to get around policies on various sites which frown on advertising.


RE: Is Gate 1 gaming the "No Advertising" policy?

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

Apparently they had been offering a discount to those who posted glowing reviews. We contacted Gate 1 and they promised to withdraw the offer and thus stop the spam, but I don't know if that's happened (doesn't look like it, does it)? I try and catch them whenever I can.