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Forums » Feedback » Use Your "Report Abuse" buttons.


Use Your "Report Abuse" buttons.

by Joanna »

Deleting those annoying spam posts is reverting to the Frommer's staff now so please use those "Report Abuse" buttons and keep them hopping.  Things have been relatively quiet recently so I'm giving up my powers.  With power comes responsibility (tell it to the politicians) and I'm happy to relinquish both.

Now, wield that mouse and report!   Cheers.


RE: Use Your "Report Abuse" buttons.

by PHeymont »

And thanks for the time and work you've put in...I haven't seen a fake passport or British kitchen repair in weeks!

Pauline Frommer

RE: Use Your "Report Abuse" buttons.

by Pauline Frommer »

Yes, many, many thanks to Joanna who did an amazing job!

I'll echo her sentiments: if you see a spammer, hit report abuse and we'll zap them! We now have the power (and get the notifications) to do so.