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All inclusive recommendations in August

by /bio/kvander »

Hello All -  I have a situation here. My wife (who is a rockstar career woman) has had a crazy busy year professionally. I need to shut her down for about 4 days. She is in dire need of simply laying on a beach and doing nothing other than reading a trash novel a day, sipping her favorite adult beverage and enjoying some great meals. That's it. Nothing other than unplugging for 4 days to attempt to re-charge batteries. We are avid travelers who tend to travel to Europe and spend our vacations on our feet and touring from sunrise to sunset. This idea of chilling at an all-inclusive is new to us.....but much needed. We are looking for suggestions. Preferably a location that is easy to get to via American Airlines (we have a ton of miles from work travel.....might as well use them). Any suggetions? We are open to any and all locations (as long as it is warm and includes a beach). Thanks for any ideas that you can share.