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Forums » General & Multi-Country » egungun and voodoo in Benin and Togo


egungun and voodoo in Benin and Togo

by /bio/randbpaul ยป

Our recent independent trip to Benin, Togo and Ghana was superbly organized by We were fortunate they chose Janvier Houlonon as our guide. A native of Benin, Janvier was extremely capable and knowlegable. We were most interested in visiting egungun and voodoo ceremonies. He was in constant contact with his close relationships in the region to adjust our trip so that we were able to see several ceremonies we had not even anticipated. Janvier has had extensive experience guiding and seems to know every important person who could offer him assistance in making our wishes a reality. Janvier gave us access to events and people who dramatically enriched our trip. He was exceeding thoughtful, prompt and always responsive to our needs. There is no question but that I would highly recommend him as a personal guide. Janvier is a free lance guide and can be reached in Benin at