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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Safari Confusion


Safari Confusion

by /bio/beasleykrb »

Kenya? Uganda? Tanzania? Zimbabwe? Botswana? I am so confused. For a 2 week (or so) trip, what is the bests bang for the buck? Safaris are so expensive...probably can't do this twice!


RE: Safari Confusion

by /bio/irad »

If you think you can only do a safari once, you have to go for the ultimate experience and that is in Tanzania. Not only will you be able to see the Great Migration firsthand (it happens all year round, but the most sought after events are the calving season in January to March -- lots of babies and predator action; Grumeti River crossing in June; and the mindblowing Mara River crossing between July to September or October), you will also have plenty of opportunity to spot other wildlife including the Big Five and even endangered species. The scenery is also "very Africa" making it the quintessential safari destination... Another thing that would totally make Tanzania a dream safari destination is that in its northern circuit, parks are somehow close to each other so you can easily visit other parks, too. If you want a more remote safari experience, you can also go to the southern circuit and perhaps visit Selous Game Reserve. Then, if time and budget permits, you can easily add a beach escapade to cap off your vacation.


If you're ready to book, whether you decide to Tanzania or any other African country, here is a guide you might find usefeul when picking a tour operator. I know it helped it me big time! Hope it'll help you as well. Cheers!