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Sahara Magic and Hassan

by /bio/j5brock »

A year ago this week, My husband and I travelled to Marakesch where we enjoyed the most amazing tour by Sahara Magic. Hassan was extremely accommodating and the price was incredibly reasonable. About 700 euros each. Hotels and meals were included along with our fabulous driver named Tyab. We went to the Atlas Mountains, saw Kasbahs and rode camels through the desert. We stayed in Fez, Went through Casa Blanca and visited the port city and Capitol of Rabat .  We rounded out our visit with goat filled argon trees and the beach town of Essaouira. We ended back in Marakecah.  The trip was Magical and when we returned home to find a miscalculation in the cost of purchased pottery... both Hassan and Tyab came to our defense and advocated the return of mistakingly charged funds by over $1000 USD. We hope to bring our family one day and share the wonderful culture of Morocco with them. 

Thank you Hassan and Tyab! 

Best... Jeff and Judy