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Paris and England

by /bio/bindery »

I found a deal for my wife and I for RT to Paris from Newark and 4 nights hotel for 650 each.

We live in Tampa, FL but have American Air miles for 2 round trips to NYC.

We can leave on March 22 and come back on March 31.  After the 4 nights in Paris we would take the Eurostar to London and rent a car and see the English countryside (including the Warner Bros Harry Potter Park outside of London, my wife really wants to see it), then take the Eurostar back to Paris to fly home.

We have been to both Paris and London before.  We would use 1 day in Paris to take a trip to see the Normandy Beaches and D-Day memorials. I’m sure there are a lot of things we didn’t see in Paris last time we were there.

I don’t think we would go into London, when we arrive we would find someplace to rent a car and maybe use B&B’s to stay at.

I would have a lot of details to work out, but I would appreciate any comments anyone would have on this plan.