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Forums » General & Multi-Country » URGENT - 20 days in Central Europe - HELP


URGENT - 20 days in Central Europe - HELP

by /bio/akis3k »

Hi there!  Please help us!

This coming week, and till the end of August, with wife and our 2 kids (7 year old twins) we are flying to Katowice (on the border between Czech Republic and Poland) and hiring a car to spend 20 days in travelling in Central Europe, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia...  (the Krakow area we visited already before as well as Warsaw and the north Polish coast)

We like nature, mountains, rivers, lakes, and good sights, castles, old, as well as modern towns, shopping, local events/festivals, but not expensive places... We like to walk but not too far, due to the chilidren, better to use the car more.  We want to stay for some days in each place, 2 or 3 at the most, to enjoy, depending on its importance and attractions, in apartments which we expect to book as we go along...

PLEASE can you help us with whatever good advice you may be able to share with us?  With advice about the itinerary we should follow, the route for our journey with the car, as well as where to stay, shop, what to see, events, what not to miss, nature and sights, any events/festivals, also outside the capitals and any other suggestions and advice about our trip?  Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, given we only have very few days before the trip now!

Best wishes!




RE: URGENT - 20 days in Central Europe - HELP

by /bio/atraveler »

Last year I was in a similar situation, when I went to Italy. My husband and I thought and decided that the most correct in this lack of information and experience will turn to local tourism specialists for advice.

Among other things, I'm a great lover of history and other antiquities. 

So I used the services of a private guide. It is very convenient, because you can plan your personal tour and your personal time. Today are many sites that allow us to find a good tourist guide. We used the services of