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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Itinerary Feedback Needed: 3 Weeks in Chile and Argentina


Itinerary Feedback Needed: 3 Weeks in Chile and Argentina

by /bio/tdenten »

Hi travelers, 

My husband and I are planning our first trip to South American for December 2019. The plan is to fly Chicago - Santiago on Nov 30 / Dec 1 and return via Buenos Aires on Dec 23 / 24. This is our itinerary after a few rounds of edits based on reading the forum, books, research so hopefully, it's pretty close. We have not booked anything yet so open/able to adjust based on feedback. Would love to get some feedback from the experts! 

Overall, looking for feedback on our pace, any trouble areas you see, and any must-see/must-do favorites in any of these destinations. Again, have never been to South America and I am beginning to understand just how vast it is so want to make sure we are being smart. 

Santiago - 3 nights

Atacama - 3 nights
- Looking to stay at Terrantai Lodge
- Recos for excursion companies, must see stops. 

Valparaiso - 3 nights
- Best way to get from Santiago Airport to Valparaiso? 
- Recos for wine tours? Casablanca Valley or Maipo Valley? 

Southern Patagonia - 4 nights
- Looking to stay at Patagonia Camp. Fav excursions from anyone who has stayed there? 

Stella Australis - Puerto Arenas to Ushuaia - 4 nights
- This would be Dec 14-18 so building other trip dates around this. 

Ushuaia - 2 nights
- Initially, we were just going to do one night here but it sounds like this is a bigger destination than we initially realized. Worth 2 nights? Fav things to do? 

Buenos Aires - 3 nights

Appreciate any/all constructive feedback!