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Just Returned from Latin America

by /bio/brianjohnson »

I just returned from a trip in Latin America and wanted to share my experiences! 

First I visited Buenos Aires and explored the city, made an excursion to El Tigre and had an amazing time there, and of course went to a tango!

Then I moved onto Mendoza and took an amazing wine tour, this was the one I took:

Next, I moved onto Patagonia and went hiking in beautiful Torres del Paine and saw some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen in the world. If I were to go again, I would make sure to go with a friend or with a tour because it got really lonely by the end of my trip camping alone. 

After Patagonia, I flew to Santiago and explored the city and took a road trip up into the Andes, I used the same company as I really loved my first one.

For my next trip, I think I want to go to Peru and visit Lima and Machu Picchu, can't wait to share my next experiences after my next trip!