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Suggest Me

by AndreaNewEngland »

I generally can't stand people who ask strangers where to go on holiday, but here I go. We've been to a few places in Central America and really loved it. I wanted to go to the Galapagos in the next year or two because we are moving overseas, and it makes sense to do our remaining holidays closer to North America. Now I'm feeling strangely ambivalent about the Galapagos; is it as fabulous as they say, or are you like sheep following those guides on the proscribed trails?

Does anyone have any suggestions among the countries of South America? I don't know very much about them. We like hiking, snorkeling, wildlife, architecture, absorbing culture, local markets. We do NOT shop or eat meat (which is a thing in So America I understand).  

Thanks in advance.


Pauline Frommer

RE: Suggest Me

by Pauline Frommer »

Because the Galapagos Islands have to be protected, the time you'll have on them will always be with a guide and likely with a group. It doesn't sound like that's your type of thing, so they may not be your best option.

As for South America: there's MUCH more to do there than shop or eat meat. You have incredible natural wonders (Patagonia, Iguassu Falls, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon and more), wonderful cultural sights, and a fascinating recent history to explore. I'm a particular fan of Brazil for the variety of experiences you can have there and the wonderful friendliness of the people, but it has gotten quite pricey in the last few years. Your dollar would go farther in Argentina, and there are lots of experiences to be had there including some of the ones mentioned above (Patagonia, the Andes, seeing ranch communities in the Pampas, visiting wineries, seeing all the cultural sights of Buenos Aires, skiing in our summer and much more). I hope this helps!

Hagward GE

RE: Suggest Me

by Hagward GE »

In south Amreical you can enjoy such exciting activities at  Torres del Paine National Park that is famous region of Chile and known for its soaring mountains, electric-blue icebergs and wildlife. I also had great time there. I am sure you also had exciting time there.