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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Visiting Machu Picchu. Need suggestions!


Visiting Machu Picchu. Need suggestions!

by /bio/christoff1980 »

I’m going to visit Peru by June, and Machu Picchu is part of my itinerary. This place is very ancient and I love discovering new things, especially when it talks about a country’s historical site. Aside from that I’m also taking part of the singles latin tour in Peru, plus a free tour in the country’s featured destinations. Now I need suggestions on the possible activities I can enjoy in the place. Please do tell me some Machu Picchu actions I can do while also enjoying my stay in Peru. Thanks! 


RE: Visiting Machu Picchu. Need suggestions!

by /bio/landed »

The sanctuary of Machu Picchu is an engineering marvel—a city in the clouds surrounded by sheer precipices. The site contains more than 140 known structures, including temples, palaces, ritual baths, and dwellings. Agricultural terraces, aqueducts, and more than 100 flights of stone stairs add to the achievement.

Much of the stonework at Machu Picchu is so fine that it seems to spring organically from the living rock.

The best thing to do at Machu Picchu is immerse yourself in it's wonder. Beyond hiking around and taking it in, many of our clients try their hand at capturing the sights in a photo. Notably there are some restrictions on things you can bring into the ruins (i.e. drones). For a full list of banned items/information on transportation, activity, and accommodation options, check out our Free Machu Picchu Guide.