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AR/VR in museums

by /bio/a.nadtochaev »

Hi, colleagues!

Libraries, archives and museums are increasingly using AR/VR technologies in their service delivery because it is trending. The year 2019 is expected to be huge for VR technology. We have written a short article about it. Go for it!


RE: AR/VR in museums

by /bio/valeriereiland190 »

I was in these libraries. I work at a science institute and have access to the largest archives and libraries in the world. I am writing a dissertation on the topic "Flora and Fauna in the Botanical Gardens of the Pharaohs of Egypt" This topic is very extensive and I often use information from web resources Jim Karik is an expert in Egyptian philology, he advised to find Tutankhomon’s manuscripts in these libraries. I spent searching for it for 2 months.