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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Noise blocking from snoring and travel insurance


Noise blocking from snoring and travel insurance

by mainguyen »

Hi Fellow travellers;

I am taking my Father for a pilgrimage trip in Europe, however, I will be departing from Australia and my Father from LAX, we'll both arrive into Zurich airport and fly back to respective countries from Paris.

I would like to seek your opinions on two matters below,

1. What is the best possible way to block out noise from loud snoring, my Father is a snorer and I cannot afford two rooms :-(  my concern is if the blocking device is too good then it presents an issue of me not being able to hear emergency siren - should there be any - (hopefully none).

2. Travel insurance for my Father, he is under 70 and have pre-existing medical conditions. I have so far found little info. on this, one from Travelex which provides very basic covers which I think it's almost not worth buying. My concern is to have him cover for sudden illness and accidents, travel delay and additional expenses cause by this, and if they agree to cover his pre-existing conditions, it'd be better. I have my own insurance but cannot buy for him from Australia as he's not heading to OZ.

Your response is very much appreciated.

Happy planning/ dreaming/ travelling.



RE: Noise blocking from snoring and travel insurance

by /bio/pauline-frommer »

On the insurance front, look at such websites as and They act as clearinghouses for legitimate insurance companies. You'll key in your information and then see what options you have. They actually work quite well. As for the snoring: I'm stumped! Anybody else have suggestions?